Hello all, myself Tulika Bhattacharjee and this is my dream blog, where I am sharing My Notes From My Soul. Dream lover by born, I love to think beyond imagination. I love my life and want to explore every single bit of it. I love to travel and explore different lives in different places. I am an emotional soul where spirituality helps me a lot to gather the peace of mind. Pampering myself is one of my favorites, so, beauty and fashion are the unavoidable niches in my life. Relationships are the most valued entities in my life, so, nurturing them with utmost love and care is my ultimate goal. Food is love, good food is the key factor in happiness and fitness, I love to explore unique and healthy food habits. So, if you love your life and want to feel the excitement in it, then my blog will act as the one-stop destination for you. Get an idea, apply it and revert your feedback on the comment section of each and every post. Feel free to connect with me personally for any kind of suggestions, feedback, collaboration, and consultation to tulika.notesfromthesouls@gmail.com.

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