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One simple question that always comes to my mind from the last couple of years i.e. who am I. You can also have that same question to be asked to yourself. You might reply with your name, but why? That had been given by your elders when you took birth to this beautiful mother earth right? That’s not your actual identity, what is beyond that? it is a real deep thought which knocks me every time. 

What is your age? Obviously, we all will reply by thinking of our date of birth. But again why? That same thing is created by us means by humans like the time, calculation of minutes, seconds, hours, milliseconds etc. all are human-made. So that cannot be the right justification because we humans only giving that certificates. Means in another way you yourself telling that you are right. Looks funny right? Yes, it is funny. We are way beyond to find that what we are actually, from where we are coming & to where we are going. Our life is only to just grow old and love someone and do responsibilities & die?? I noted somewhere that human life if nothing but a chance of getting a release from expectations, greed, fear etc. Who can overcome these types of eternal thing he/she can actually be elevated to some extent or you can say in our way will be getting some promotion type of thing. I also think so from my life’s perspective that in this journey we have defined our self with some sort of name/age/height etc to identify or to differentiate us from others. This deep thought changes my perspective on life and made it more complicated. 

I am having very very little knowledge in this. Though I strongly believe that human life is nothing but just a small part of our journey and in that we all are giving some sort of examinations and everybody’s paper is diff. Even we don’t know what’s the question, because if we know that we can act as per that. So it’s just some kind of situation that you will be put in to check how you react or how you overcome this. And yes from here the word called Destiny arises. Is it real? Is everything part of our destiny? Is everything been planned prior?  I say why not? 

deep thought

If this human life is just a small journey of one big then why not. That means your journey already started before you took birth and your journey will be continued after your death too, then how come you can claim that everything happening around us is uncertain. No, I believe every action had got some plan in it & yes as per your reactions the result or consequence will change because ultimately your destination is fixed to some points. This deep thought creates a deep realization in me about our existence and after our physical existence. 


This is kind of huge discussions with so many facts. But always remember facts always be many but truth is only one. Hence we all can try to reach towards that by discussions. So any type of input or article on this topic is welcome. We can post that on our website too with your name post validation of our quality check.

………………………………………………………To Be Continued


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