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Desserts are the most important part of a proper meal, and for the sweet lovers, it is the most awaited serving at the dining table. But if you are on a diet then desserts and sweet items are the first things which will get discarded from your diet chart. The subtraction of sweetness surely makes your day a grumpy one. But there is a good news for you, you can include some special kind of desserts in your diet plan which will not create any bad effect on your tough journey of weight loss. So take a wise step and don’t deprive yourself of experiencing the sweetness of life with excellent diet-friendly desserts.

Too much intake of sugar can ruin the effectiveness of diet:

Intack of per gram sugar provides you 4 calories and it does not consist any additional nutrients. So, you can understand that consuming sugar can increase the level of fat in your body but if you do proper exercise and intense physical activities then it will help you to burn those extra calories. Sudden sugar cravings can also increase your blood sugar levels. So, use sugar at a moderate level to avoid severe health issues and weight gain related problems. You can replace the normal sugar with coconut sugar, date sugar, jaggery, and other healthy substances to make diet-friendly desserts. 

diet-friendly desserts

You can add dessert to your weight loss diet:

  • With some smart steps, you can easily add yummy desserts in your everyday diet. Selecting appropriate ingredients to make diet-friendly desserts is the main trick behind this process. You have to understand what exactly you should avoid.
  • You can easily eat one slice of any sponge cake, you have to avoid creams and frostings of the cake. Always try to eat freshly baked cake rather than stored cake.
  • Add fruits to your regular diet, it will help you to satisfy your sweet cravings. The natural sugar of the fruits is very good for your overall health too.
  • Mix up granola, honey and your favorite dry fruits to feel full for a longer time and this dessert will satisfy your soul too.
  • When you start to prepare any milk-based dessert, always try to use frozen sugar-free yogurt or skimmed milk. It will low down the calorie intake.
  • Opt for ice popsicles instead of ice creams, it is a very effective way to avoid bad fats. You can easily have these flavored popsicles twice in a week without any guilt.
  • And as we Indians have so many options in desserts, you can not avoid them occasionally. Go for plain Rasgulla instead of Gulab Jamun because Gulab Jamuns are deep fried. And select sweets which are full of nuts or just plain Sandesh.
  • Maximum use of dry fruits in your desserts will keep you full for a longer time and help you to avoid junks in odd times.
  • Instead of using refined wheat flour you can use whole wheat flour for the various baking purpose. More fiber contents will help you in your weight loss journey. You can bake diet-friendly desserts without any guilt.


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