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Diwali is the celebration of togetherness along with the joy of love. Is you Diwali break is getting over very quickly? Then you try out something very special this time. Plan a Diwali trip and spend a lovely and memorable holiday with your near and dear ones. Whether you are accustomed to the cultures of Diwali or not, you can still enjoy the strong and positive vibes of this auspicious festival in various places in India. The cultural significances of this festival have a vast impact on the social and economic structure of India. So, enjoy your Diwali in India with an utmost celebration in some enigmatic festive destinations. Every year Diwali comes in between mid-October to mid-November, the pleasant weather and festive ambiance of this time period will make your holiday more happening and enjoyable.


The eternal Varanasi:

The ancient city Varanasi has many things to offer you in this special time of Diwali in India. In the evening time, the local devotees, as well as the travelers, put colorful diyas afloat in the river Ganga. Most importantly you can see that the diyas will complete its ride till the end of the riverside. The Ganga Aarti and the fireworks in the evening sky is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold. The divine and out of the world feel of Varanasi will surely awake your soul with the light of spirituality. So, if you are planning your trip with the elders of your family, then you have to visit this mesmerizing place during Diwali.

Ethnic Jaipur:

The pink city of India has decked up with something really special in this Diwali. You will get a royal welcome with their super special arrangements. The festival of light has organized by different markets of Jaipur, you can enjoy ethnic shows, polo matches, and golf club programs. You will get easy access to the shops till midnight during this 5 days celebration. The magnificent Nahargarh fort becomes a wonderful host after sunset. The combination of the royal decoration of lighting and the spectacular sight of the fort gives you feel of heaven. So, don’t miss the chance to visit this place before you head towards your hotel.

The city of joy, Kolkata:

The passion of Kolkata is always on a high note. After the huge celebration of Durga Puja, the level of enthusiasm in Diwali which is celebrated as Kali puja is not at all less here. During this puja of goddess Kali, a dusk to dawn puja is done by the devotees. You can go to the big temples like Dakshineswar temple, Kalighat temple or other big temples to experience the puja procedures. Other Than that you can get a happening Diwali experience here. To experience the nightlife you can visit park street or new market area. Diwali in India also shows you the different colors and cultures of India.

Diwali in India

Happening Goa:

Do you know that gambling is a special component of Diwali celebration? And what is better than celebrating these exciting things at the heaven of casinos. Diwali in India has an entirely different tone here. People in Goa celebrate Diwali by mimicking the destroy of Narakasur by the almighty Lord Krishna. Likewise, Ravana is burnt during Dussehra, big idols of Narakasur is also burnt by local people here to celebrate the victory of positive energy. You can also enjoy the serenity at the beautiful beaches of Goa to avoid the crowd and smoke of the city.

The peaceful Manali:

If you a person who doesn’t like to celebrate Diwali in the crowd and hustle bustle, then Manali will give you the perfect treat in this Diwali. Ditch the hot crackers and find the essence of Tranquility in the high peaks of Rohtang pass. Old Manali, Solang valley and the picturesque natural view will enrich your mind with the freshness of celebration in a different way.

The diverse cultural beauty of India will take you to the different level of happiness. So, choose your favorite destination to spend a memorable Diwali this year.  


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