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For most of the girls, fashion is a pretty much important thing in life, I am one of them who loves to try out different styles and love to do experiment with their look. But unconditional love towards fashion comes up with some very genuine problems. We spend a lot of money to buy new clothes which are in trend. But with time the styles got outdated or due to size issues you can not use those dresses. But you have spent a lot right? So, know about some very useful tricks to use your old outfits differently without any hassles. You will get an all-new product with your old outfits by following some very basic steps.

Straight kurta turns into long jacket:

Straight long kurtas are very much in trend, these kurtas give you a very smart look with minimal effort. If you get bored of wearing your kurta many times or if the kurta does not fit you anymore, then do some small changes and make your kurta a brand new jacket. Cut the kurta from the front middle portion and give it a good finishing by a professional tailor. You can add a string like style in the waist part or can leave it simple like that. You can layer it up with other kurtas or can wear it with your favorite jeans. is not it an exciting way to treat your old outfits?

Anarkali kurta to gorgeous lehenga:

Knee length or calf length Anarkali kurtas or suits were very much in trend a few years back. But now the craze is all about floor length Anarkalis and ethnic dresses. Then what will you do with those super costly dresses? I have an amazing idea to reuse those magnificent ethnic treasures which will give you brand new look in no time. Make a neat cut under the bust portion of your Anarkali to get a skirt like structure. If the lower portion of your Anarkali is heavily embroidered then make a belt-like detailing on the waist part and pair up with matching or contrast crop tops or blouses. You can add some extra glamour with a nice dupatta. If the lower portion of your Anarkali is simple looking and the upper portion is heavily embellished, then make a simple lehenga skirt with the lower part and make a gorgeous blouse with the upper portion of the kurta. sprinkle your shine everywhere with these super glamorous outfits.

Anarkali kurtas to flared sharara pants:

You can make very beautiful sharara pants with your Anarkali kurta. You have to follow similar steps like the above-mentioned process first and then just stitch the skirt to give it a shape like a pant. You can easily be done this process by your local tailor. Pair up your sharara pant with short Kurtis or a crop top to get a stylish look. you don’t believe that your old outfits can make so beautiful makeover. 

Two uses of button up kurtas :

Button up kurtas are very much in fashion now. There are many ways to use this type of kurtas. You can wear it as a normal kurta or else you can open the buttons and use it as a jacket. Gown style button up kurtas is very useful to layer up your dress up. With jeans, these kurtas give a very chic and trendy look. Add some fun to your outfit with some junks and you are all set to rock.


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