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Functionalities of Liver in our overall health is very much important, it is the largest gland of our body and it maintains the entire balance of our inner health. The liver does almost 500 vital activities to keep us healthy and fit. If due to some reason or unhealthy habits your liver gets affected, then it can become a threat to your life. So, it is very important to take proper care of this vital organ with some very easy changes in your lifestyle. If you are not aware of the exact activities of the liver, then at first you should know them properly. Here I am discussing the vital and complex functionalities of the liver as well as the list of superfoods list for maintaining liver health at its best.


The crucial functions of Liver:

  • Most importantly detoxification of blood is the prime activity of liver. It cleanses our blood and clears all the toxins, alcohol, drugs and other impurities from the body.
  • When the sugar level of our body falls down below normal, the liver converts the stored sugar to normal or useable sugar.
  • It stores iron and vitamins.
  • To digest complex fats, liver produces bile.
  • Liver destroys old red blood cells.
  • Insulin and other hormones, as well as hemoglobin, are broken down by Liver.

There can be many reasons behind your liver issues, it can be inherited or can be a side effect of other diseases or viruses. But most of the time it is seen that liver problems are the side effects of bad lifestyle habits. Astonishingly, the liver has an amazing ability to renew itself. So, if you give a chance to the cells, they can regenerate and can start working as earlier. You can take your first step towards detoxification by avoiding alcohol, refined sugar, tobacco and excessive intake of coffee. Some natural food items are really very effective for taking good care of liver. I have made a list of some of those food items.


  • Carrots and beets: These superfoods have taken a very high position in the list of detoxifying foods. Carrots and beets are very high source beta-carotene and plant-flavonoids. Including these two in your everyday diet can help you to improve your overall liver function and stimulate the cells.
  • Grapefruit: It is a very good source of glutathione, which is a very good liver cleansing agent. The rich portion of vitamin C and antioxidants boost up the production of liver detoxifying enzymes and stimulate the workability of the liver.
  • Tomatoes: The adequate amount of Glutathione in tomatoes make them a very good detoxifier for the liver. Tomatoes are very good for skin, hair and overall health.
  • Spinach: Raw spinaches are a vital source of glutathione. Regular intake of spinach smoothie will help your liver to work accurately.


  • Turmeric: The favorite spice of liver is turmeric. It helps the liver detox properly with the help of its enzymes. Regular use of turmeric can flash out all the dietary carcinogens from the food.
  • Apples: This one of the best superfoods has a high amount of pectin in it which help our liver to detox properly. It helps the liver to release the toxins to the digestive tract. During the cleansing process, apples help the liver to handle the toxins.
  • Green vegetables: Consuming green vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables have high amount chlorophylls which absorb all the environmental toxins, neutralize the number of heavy metals and also increase the production of bile. These superfoods actually share the burden of the liver.
  • Garlic: It has a high amount of sulfur which activates the enzymes of the liver. Consuming garlic regularly can relief your from having digestion related problems. Selenium and allicin are the two natural compounds which are very helpful in the process of the cleansing liver.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are a very high source of antioxidants which are extremely good for liver health. If you can add a small portion of walnuts in your everyday diet, it will detoxify the liver cells naturally.

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