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Skin and hair care routine is a very important part of our everyday life. As per your skin type and skin issues, you should treat your problems with ultimate seriousness. Many times we can see regular negligence makes the small problems bigger and more complex. I personally grew up with many types of skin and hair issues and lack of knowledge made those problems much bigger. when you have oily skin tone and oily scalp, you have to take care of your skin more seriously. I had severe acne and pimple issues earlier and I had sticky dandruff too. I personally prefer natural products for my skin and hair, I always buy products which are paraben and sulfate free. My most favorite skin care brands are Khadi and Lotus. Recently I have found the blissful goodness of essential oils on our daily skincare and haircare routine. Especially the antibacterial properties of Tea tree essential oil is spectacular.  People who are affected by severe acne problems and dandruff problems, this oil has the ability to solve your every issue in no time. Here I am discussing the processes through which I am adding this miracle oil in our day to day skin care routine.


I have added 4-5 drops of tea tree essential oil in the bottle of my face wash, if you have tube-shaped face wash then after taking the proper amount of face wash on your palm, just add one small drop of tea tree oil. This process will not only cleanse the impurities from your skin but also protect it from further bacteria attacks. With regular use, you can notice a visible smoothness on your skin with less redness and rashes.

Toning up:

I made my regular rose water toner more interesting and effective with few drops of tea tree essential oil. In my regular khadi rose water, I have added some drops of tea tree oil and juice of half lemon and stored it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for 7 days. Lemon works as a natural astringent and tea tree oil works as a blemish remover and antibacterial agent. I use this toner after every single wash and whenever I feel to get refreshed.

Moisturising :

In my daily moisturizer, I have added some drops of tea tree oil and make it more effective and refreshing. I personally use water based moisturizer and with this, the goodness and antibacterial properties penetrate in the deep layers of the skin very effectively. I moisturize my skin 2-3 times in a day.

Tea tree essential oil

Face mask:

I love to try different herbal face masks. I love the face masks of Khadi brand and when I use any of my face packs, I just add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and apply on my cleaned face. You can add this oil in your DIY face packs too. With the supremely effective goodness, you can see a visible change in your skin tone in between 30 days.

spot treatment:

every night after my night time skin care regime, I take raw tea tree oil on my fingertip and apply directly to the affected area. within 2 days your pimple or acne will vanish, it will also help you to remove the after marks of pimples.


Oiling hair:

This magic oil is perfect to treat dandruff issues, you can add some drops in your regular hair oil or can make a combination of hair oils. I generally add 3 drops of tea tree essential oil in the mixture of olive oil and coconut oil. To get the fruitful result, massage the oil on your scalp and keep it for overnight. This will fight with dandruff causing bacterial properties and stop them from recurrence.


If you are using a herbal shampoo, then add 10-12 drops of this antibacterial oil in your shampoo bottle, shake it well and you are good to go. You can feel the difference in very less time period.

There are countless uses of tea tree essential oil in your daily life. So, if you want to know about the more outstanding usage of this miracle oil, then please let me know. Until then, share the love. I have another article on the use of different essential oils, in case you want to check that out, I am sharing the link-



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