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The oldest living religion in the history of mankind is Hinduism and in the world’s one-sixth people are followers of this eminent religion. Hinduism is the perfect example of diversity, you can get various types of god and goddesses and numerous types of beliefs here. There is not a single person who created this religion, this is beyond time and beyond life. Many religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism are the parts or you can say the division of Hinduism. The core value of Sanatana Dharma is very divine and pure, it is the essence of genuine and spiritual awakening. From ages, people across the globe are researching on the true meaning of spirituality with the help of Hinduism. There are many aspects which will give you a right direction towards spiritual awakening through this divine religion. Hinduism gives you a perfect way of living, which is considerable in every step of life. From the way, you start your day, take your food, go for your work, pray to your god and do exercise for your body have some specific meaning and importance.



In Hindu culture, every type of gestures have some inner meanings. “Namaskara” is a greeting in the Sanskrit language. The meaning of this word is, “I salute the god within you”. As per Hinduism, God resides in our minds and with your good behavior and gratitude, you can get the love of god. Spirituality is all about finding yourself and path is defined by Hinduism. Yoga is another way to find your strength and weakness. There are numerous yoga techniques that can calm your stressed mind, wounded body and tired soul. Our minds have the power of everything, you can nurture it with the good habits and open up the limitless opportunities in your life.

The ancient rituals of this religion have some very scientific explanation. It is all about practicing good habits and living a good and healthy life. In Hinduism Tulsi or basil tree is considered as the goddess and having tulsi tree in your home premises is known as a sign of prosperity and good health. Actually, Tulsi is an acclaimed herb which has antibacterial properties that can cure several health issues. Like that wearing toe rings is a ritual for married women, it is normally like a piece of jewelry, but it has vital significance on women health. Toe ring is generally for the second toe, a particular nerve from that toe is directly connected with the uterus and the passes of heart. Wearing silver toe ring give strength to the uterus and it also regularises menstrual cycle. Silver is a very good conductor, it attracts the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.

So, explore the true meaning of life and drench yourself in the positivity. The ultimate fulfillment of life comes up with peace of mind, so, search for it with spiritual wisdom.


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