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I am a pizza lover, the cheesy and luscious pizza, it is definitely one of the most popular dishes around the world. Though it is basically Italian Dish, now you can grasp it in many forms and flavors, compatible with different cuisines and different food styles. If you consider the food values of pizzas, it is consuming a high amount of calories, but other than high calories, it has nothing that harms your health, so, you can definitely go ahead and grab your favorite pizzas occasionally without any guilt feeling. From here you can boost up your knowledge on different types of pizzas and try those by ordering from a good takeaway restaurant.

In this list of pizzas, the first and the most authentic pizza is definitely Neapolitan Pizza, it has been protected by the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana. The creation of this awesomely delicious pizza is gone through very perfect techniques and certifies ingredients such as a special type of wheat flour, which can be rolled and kneaded without the use of a pin, exact 3mm thickness, baked in a 485-degree centigrade heat for 60-90 second with oak wood.

Next up, another very popular and tasty variety of Pizza, NY style pizzas, this comes with many regional varieties and specifications. The most important point of this one is the thin and hand-tossed base of it. The toppings of this pizza are simple like plain cheese and other vegetables and mainly sold as sliced pieces. So, grab a bite and indulge in the twisting flavors of it.


Another very popular and tasty variety is Sicilian pizza when someone is ordering this one, it is mainly stated that the pizza will be of a thicker crust. The Sicilian pizza is different from Neopolitan pizza not only for the type of crust but also for its rectangular shape. Order your favorite one with the authentic and good takeaway restaurant.

Chicago deep dish is another most famous appetizing one with a real deep crust over 3 inches. This is more like a cake with loaded up base and topped with a huge amount of cheese, veggies, tomato sauce and again more cheese, it takes a long like to cook with this huge amount of ingredients. After proper cooking, the cheese from the top goes into the veggies and tomato sauce and make it soft like a pie. Sounds Yummy!!!! Is not it???

As you go into the more bizarre territory of Pizzas, you will discover more unique varieties of mouth-watering delicacies. Stuffed pizzas are another unique kind of Pizzas that is stuffed with plain old cheese to chicken strips, cheeseburger, and hot dogs. The taste of it is outstanding with mouthwatering flavors, so, go for a takeaway order of it without any hesitation.

These are the basic and most varied types of pizzas, inspired from different types of cuisines. Other than these you can also go for Cone pizzas, Grilled Pizzas, burger pizzas, dessert pizzas and many more. Grab your favorite one now!!!


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