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Monsoon is known as the most romantic season of the year, numerous songs were written on monsoon. But when it is about style, this season will give you most fashion threats. Frizzy hair, wet cloths, clogged waters and what not? After the scorching summer, this season surely comes up with some relief, but when you have to go outside of your house, you have to face the real threats. Other than weekends, you have to go for your work, take your children to school, or do your everyday household chores. So, to avoid these severe problems, you should upgrade your wardrobe a little more.

If you are a smooth subtle look lover, then you surely have to do some tricks to handle the weather, because your all-time favorite white is a strict no in this monsoon. Pick your color safely to save them from stains. You should also avoid sheer fabrics this season because they use to cling a lot.

In monsoon, bright is better. The weather becomes dull and gloomy this time, so, if you want to lift up your mood, then opting for fluorescent colors like lime, sea green, turquoise and fuchsia is always a right choice. But if you are not a person of bold colors, you should go for peach, pista, and mango.


Heavy dress materials like knit and denim should be avoided in monsoon, the heaviness of the materials make them very uncomfortable after drenching. These types of materials hold water for a quite long time it also can give you allergies and fever. So, go for lightweight fabrics like crepe, cotton, and rayon in monsoon, but avoid polyester.

Go for cropped apparels like capris, pencil skirts, shorts to avoid problems in roads. If you are a corporate professional and have to attend a meeting, then wearing mid-length pencil skirts with crepe formal tops will be a good idea. Culottes are also formal, but it has a huge volume which can create a problem for you in the monsoon. Colorful capris teamed up with printed T-shirts are essentials for college goers. Avoid dresses at this time, because the unpredictable rain is ready to give you unknown hazards and discomfort.

The most important monsoon essentials are the special footwear. You have to avoid your leather shoes and welcome colorful plastic flip-flops, gumboots and crocs. Plastic or rubber shoes dried up very easily and you can wash them without having a second thought. So, buy your pair today to conquer the monsoon.

Enjoy the rain and be your own stylist!!!


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