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Are you planning an exciting party at your place? Then you must be worrying about fixing the menus for the gathering. Each and every person has different tastes and health habits, so, you have to decide the menu, by considering both food lovers and health-conscious people. Party is all about fun and spending time with friends and family, so, the food should be exciting with a punch of health benefits. Rather than preparing food at home in the party time, you should place an order to a good takeaway restaurant, it will give you the flexibility to spend an exciting time with friends and without lacking any energy, you can host the party seamlessly, but if you love cooking, then you should share your magical delicacies. So, get some amazing party menu ideas to welcome your guests.

Potato Chutney Crisps:

Starters or appetizers are the most important part of party menus, it is seen that rather than the main course, people mainly like to have starters as a side part of chit chats. Potato chutney crisps are very tasty and crunchy starter that will definitely take the position of the yummy starter of your party. Spicy and sweet and sour chutney (sauce) over the well-cooked potatoes on a thin and crunchy base will blow your mind with a munch of it.

Cauliflower  Panko Pakoras:

Cauliflowers are very appropriate for making exciting starters; you can order cauliflower panko pakoras through a takeaway order. In a light batter and breadcrumbs and then bake till it becomes crispy and brown, it comes with tangy mint dipping sauce. Is not it one of the flavorful party menu ideas?  

party menu ideas

Spicy Potatoes:

Serve sweet and tangy garlic potatoes with a combination of Indian flat bread or tortillas, the flavor will give a blast of taste. The taste of well cooked spicy potatoes will increase the party mood, order now and get delivered to your doorstep. This is a less oil preparation, so, health-conscious friends can also try this without any guilt.

Shrimp Biryani:

When it comes about the main course, there are various types of dishes to choose from. If you are looking for a smooth and lightweight main course, then go for shrimp Biryani. Prepared with fresh shrimp, cashews and incredible Indian spices with a block blaster combination of fragrant basmati rice, it is specially garnished with saffron threads and served with tasty raita. Your guests will definitely be going to talk about this dish after the party. So, surely try out this one of the loved party menu ideas.

Papaya-Kiwi Chaat with Pistachios:

This preparation is mainly for your weight checker friends. In this dish, the presence of healthy fruits will give you a solid punch of health. Kiwi, papaya, onion, mint, and chilies are tossed together and after three hours, it is served with the mixture of fresh lime and orange juice and salted pistachios.

Eat light food with checked portion and stay super healthy always!!


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