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Marriage is definitely a very important decision in life, you have to spend the entire life together, so, having extra concern over this matter is absolutely feasible. Have you noticed in real life, that strong bond of friendship is always stronger than a romantic relationship? The bond of friendship is based on the depth of mutual understanding, we always make friends with like-minded people, right? Lack of friendship is a relationship can make the relationship lifeless and this is one of the most important reasons behind unsuccessful marriages. So, if a guy and a girl are best friends, then the probability of becoming great life partners automatically become higher. I am also a live example of this topic, we were college mates cum best friends and now life partner. I am sharing my closer look and experience on this debated topic named “marrying best friend”.


Similar values and beliefs:

We all like to spend time with like-minded people when your best friend becomes your life partner you will get a perfect person to share all your thoughts and worries. Your partner will understand your perspectives over every sensitive matter and can read your mind without words. For me, it is a great feature to create a magical and exciting future together.


Flaws will be overlooked:

At the time of dating, everybody shows their perfect behavior, but only our friends can see the actual tantrums and bad habits of us. Marrying best friend will rescue you from all those pretending behaviors and give you a life where you can live as you actually are, without any restrictions.

marrying best friend

Limited Expectations:

You know each other best, that is why you are best friends and best friends have already met up some level of expectations before becoming best friends. You both know each other’s capability, so, you will never put any unrealistic expectations on each other. Marrying best friend is always encourage you to nurture your own self.


A fight will never stay for long:

A fight is an unavoidable part of each and every relation, but when you both are best friends the fight will never stay long. The friendship will always stand as the first priority and the cuteness of the friendship will melt down all the anger of the fight.


Ultimate comfort :

You will get the ultimate level of comfort when you are in a relationship with your best friend. You don’t have to do any overboard activity to impress your bae, without any self-consciousness you can enjoy each other’s company without doing anything special. For me, it is the ultimate advantage of marrying best friend.


Nothing is generalized in the case of relationships, you can definitely find your best friend in your partner after marriage. Be in love always and forever..!!!


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  1. Love this concept…. U r absolutely right…… I’m also blessed having my best friend as my husband….

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