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The civilization of India has an incredible glorifying history; the cultural density of this society is deeply rooted and nurtured with great care. With the impact of globalization, the lifestyle of India may have changed, but the cuisine of this country has never been changed. As India is known as the paradise of Food, every region has entirely different cuisine styles and techniques. Mostly Indian cuisine is divided into two parts, one is the cuisine of North India and another is the cuisine of South India, but truly each and every community has an entirely different food culture. In this contemporary age, you can easily get your food at your place through an online order and authentic Indian cuisine based restaurants are not compromising with the techniques and procedures of Indian cuisine.

In India, food is considered as the essence of God, so, the moral value towards the food is really very high and full of devotion. As previously told, every region of India has different types of cuisine style, you can explore the specialties of different regions from below:

North Indian cuisine:

Foods of North India has very innovative and incredible texture, we should start this incredible journey of food with the cuisine of Kashmir. The cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is totally different from the other regions of North. The predominantly vegetarian dishes are compact with a huge amount of rice, Wheat, millet, dry fruits, locally cultivated vegetables and many more. The non-vegetarian dishes are indulged with goat meat and fresh fishes, various incredible spices like Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg etc. are the mainly used in the dishes.

The other parts of North India, i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana have a huge love towards the chapatis and parathas as their main food. The main ingredients of these types of Indian bread are wheat, maida, besan etc. Some of the most popular and mind-blowing dishes of these regions are Butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, Masala Chana, Sarson Ka Saag, Dhaba Dal, Dam Biriyani, Samosa, Pakora and many more. These large and varied cuisines will definitely give you a great taste and an influence of Mughal era. Most of the Indian cuisine restaurants have these dishes on their serving menu.

Indian cuisine

West Indian cuisine:

The west part of India mainly consists of the two major desert states Rajasthan and Gujrat, due to the dry and drought full environment, the chance of getting a fresh and large amount of vegetable is a threat. So, pickles are the most popular dish in these places. The flavors of the dishes are very innovative and these will give you a very good taste. Some of the popular dishes of Rajasthan are Dal Bati churma, Bikaneri Bhujia, Bajre ki roti (Millet bread) and Lashun ki Chutney (Hot garlic paste), Mawa Kachodi etc. And some of the very popular dishes of Gujrat are Undhiya, Handvo, Surti Locho, Dhokla, Thepla and many more, the texture of the Gujarati dishes are mainly dry in nature.

The cuisine style of Maharastra is influenced by the cuisine style of both north and south India. People of this region have both rice and wheat in their meal. Vary wide variety of fishes are available in the coastline area and with special spices, the taste of the preparations become luscious.  The cuisine of Goa also enriched with various types of seafood and it will give you a feel of refreshment. Sweet and sour vindaloo, Duck baffad, egg molie are some of the best dishes of Goa.

East Indian cuisine:

Bengal and Assam are the most acclaimed region of the Eastern portion of India, the cuisine style of this area has some very incredible tastes and texture. The staple food of Bengal is a delicious combination of fish and rice. Hilsha is the most popular fish of Bengal and “Ilish bhapa” is the mouth-watering dish made by it. People of this region consume mainly rice; some of the popular dishes of Bengal are Prawn Malai curry, Aloo Posto, Chanar Payesh, Pomfret fry and many more. This portion of India is also famous for various sweets like- Rashogolla, Sandesh, Cham-cham and Misti doi.

South Indian cuisine:

The cuisine style of south India is enriched with some great spices, fishes, and coconuts. The style of the cuisine is very less spicy and healthy. Due to the coastal influence, you can feel the influence of fresh curry leaves, curd, and fishes. The taste of the food is simple but the nutritional values are very high, you can feel the sourness of the food of Tamil Nadu and in Andhra Pradesh, you can see the excessive use of chilies. The most popular dishes of south India are Masala Dosa, Vada, Idli, Upma, Khir, Samber and many more.


So, enjoy the diverse delicacies of Indian cuisine and let me know about your favorite one. Stay tuned!!


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