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In this age of modernization, people are forgetting their roots and get deeply involved in a rat race of materialistic success. The cranch of natural resources is continuously increasing day by day which leads mankind to a much harsh phase of life. But maintaining a balanced life structure is very much important because human beings are created with a balanced mixture of emotions, integrity, compassion, and intelligence. So, if you want to live a balanced life with a proper indulgence of happiness and success, then only materialistic thinking process can not nurture your life in a better way, you should gain wisdom from spirituality to lead a peaceful life.


The points of differences:

Everyone is seeking after happiness and both spirituality and materialism are helping you to achieve happiness but the ways are different. In this discussion, you will know about the true difference between these opposite peace givers.


  • Spirituality finds pure happiness from within, whereas in materialism you will find happiness in lifeless objects.
  • Proper spiritual wisdom will teach you to aspire for a pure and better life which will be more evolved in every way, but materialism will teach to aspire for more material goods and wealth.
  • The illuminated lessons of spirituality will help you to become selfless and at the same time, materialism makes you selfish.
  • Spirituality helps us to understand the true value of family and friends, and materialism will make you detached from your near ones.
  • Comparison with others is not allowed in spiritual wisdom, but in materialism, you will learn to do a constant comparison with others.
  • Proper learning of spirituality will give you material progress without binding your mind in lifeless attraction. Materialism will never appreciate spirituality in this case.
  • Spirituality will help you to live in the present time and help you to make you happy with what you have. Materialism will never help you to live your present life, it always pokes you to think about tomorrow’s achievements and wealth.
  • Spirituality is synonymous with peace of mind, whereas materialism cannot buy peace with all the materialistic pleasures.
  • With time, materialism will be converted to spirituality. The concept of materialism is actually frustrating and after a certain amount of time, slowly and unwillingly you will feel detached from those materialistic attractions to give your soul the ultimate sense of peace.

Life is priceless, so, spread as much love as you can, because you never know when you will stop breathing. Love your family and spend lots of time with your loved ones, wealth is necessary, but compromising your personal peace for this is not help you to achieve happiness.

Be compassionate and lighten up your inner soul with the essence of spirituality.


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