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When it is about weight loss, the topic of infused water is my personal favorite. Everybody knows the benefits of drinking water, especially if you are in the journey of weight loss. Water helps our body to cleanse all the toxins those are taken through foods, pollutants of air and bad lifestyle habits. It is necessary to intake at least 4-5 liters of water in a day to get a healthy and fit body, but drinking plain water becomes way too tough and at the same time boring, so, in this case, infused water will help us with its refreshing taste and immense goodness.


What is Infused water?

Infused water is also known as detox water, it is basically fruit or vegetable flavored water which is great in taste and works very effectively on weight loss programs. You can create your own flavored water in no time by mixing your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs in cold water. With great refreshment, it comes with zero calories, so, you can easily shed some pounds without facing bad moods.

You can easily make your detox water in your home. If you think you can buy one infuser bottle, other than you can create it in your smoothie jar, normal water bottle too. In cold water add your favorite fruits and herbs, leave it for 45 mins-1 hours and you are ready to take your sip.


Health benefits of infused water:


With refreshing taste and zero calorie intake, infused water comes up with some great health benefits.

  • Drinking lots of detox water will cut down your hunger and you stop craving junks.
  • It flushes out toxins from your system.
  • Great flavors will improve your mood.
  • It helps you to shed water weight in a natural way.
  • Helps food nutrients to move throughout your body.
  • Keeps all your organs healthy and well hydrated.
  • Gives you flawless and glowing skin.
  • Reduces muscle cramps.


Drinking a proper amount of water is the main key behind a successful weight loss journey. With the infused water, your journey will become a lot easier and flavorful. There are many recipes of infused water, I am discussing favorite ones.

infused water

Top 3 super easy and flavorful infused water recipes:

Lemon detox water:

It is the most consumed detox water with its subtle yet refreshing taste. Cut a lemon in thin slices and take some fresh mint leaves, add them in an infuser bottle or a jar and leave it for 45 mins. The sour taste of lemon and the refreshing flavor of mint leaves will create a very smooth taste. It can be your family drink too, in this hot and humid weather.


Mango Ginger detox water:

Is it sounding weird? But in reality, it is a very effective recipe to boost up your metabolism rate. Mango is the most popular and flavorful fruit of summer, so, add some slices of mango and some finely chopped ginger in your infuser and voila!!!

Ginger is popular for its natural pain-relieving effects, so, this drink will help you to get rid of various types of muscle pains too.

Cucumber, lemon and mint detox water:

In the classic lemon water recipe, if you add some freshly chopped cucumber your drink become more flavorful. Intake of cucumber water is very popular in weight loss program because it works really well. So, don’t waste time and start drinking this miracle water every day.

In this super busy lifestyle, maintaining some healthy lifestyle habit is very necessary. So, add this effortless yet effective infused water challenge and discover a new you.

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