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The diverse beauty of nature is ready with its divine and unlimited natural resources to capture your mind in its spellbinding beauty. The northeastern part of India has a magnificent charm and attracts millions of people from throughout the world every year. This particular region has many things to offer to the travelers, from city life to serene nature, you have a long list from where you can choose your appropriate destination. My previous tour tale was about Shillong tour, which is also a part of the eminent northeast. So, my love towards these amazing states is now clear to everyone. In this journey tale, you will get to know about a part of South Sikkim named Ravangla, it is situated above 7000 ft. from the sea level. This small tourist spot has surrounded by many amazing tourist destinations. It is an offbeat destination, you will not get any noise, we had booked our resort outside of the Ravangla town, that was a very quiet place where normal transportation is also not possible. Actually, our plan was to spend 3 days in the serenity of hills without less activity and also it was planned by my husband as my birthday trip. So, quality time with close ones in the divine beauty of hills was the main motto of this trip. So, let’s get started.


When we were about to start our journey from our home(Which was in Kolkata), we faced heavy rain. We were about to miss our train too, but luckily our cab driver managed to solve the time constraint. And we started our journey from sealdah station by Darjeeling mail at that night.  We reached NJP railway station at morning near about 9 am. We had pre-booked our cab from Kolkata itself, so, our cab was already waiting for us. So, we started our journey towards Ravangla as early as possible. After crossing the crowd of Siliguri city, the journey was becoming magnificent gradually. Other than some bad road conditions, the journey was very nice and we reached our resort in Ravangla at around 4 pm that day.

hill flower

The name of the resort was Clouds End retreat & cafe, it was a small homestay kind of resort at Ravangla, but the location and surroundings of the resort were mind-blowing. Suddenly I felt that I was in a different time zone, the tranquility and simplicity of the place were really beyond any description. Each and every employee of the resort was very polite and good human being, especially the manager of the resort was such a humble person. In no time we built up a bond with him, so, after evening snack of that day, we had decided to do a chit chat session on the terrace with him. It was such an amazing 2 hours, he had a passion for planchet and he discussed his horrible yet super exciting adventure stories with us. We were discussing those stories until we went to sleep that day.


Next day we planned a sightseeing tour, it was a beautiful sunny day and after breakfast, we started our journey and visited most popular tourist destinations near Ravangla. First of all, we went to Temi Tea Garden, it was basically a tea garden with some picturesque views. The slope of the tea garden was beautifully turned into concrete staircases and the entire area is decorated by Tibetan prayer flags. We had taken some awesome splendid pictures there.


Our next destination was Samdruptse, it is situated in Namchi near Ravangla. The structure of the monastery was really huge and the area was vast too. It has a huge sky touching the statue of Guru Padmasambhava, and from the rooftop, you can get a mind-boggling view of the entire area. You can see this huge statue from others hills, its sparkling golden color dazzles under the sunlight. Really amazing view with an unspeakable feeling of peace.


Next, we headed towards the acclaimed char dham, it is a vast pilgrimage center cum a cultural center which is developed by the Government of Sikkim. Once you visit the temple, you can feel the divine spirituality of major pilgrimage sectors of entire India. There is a huge open parking area in front of the dham and before entering in the main area, you have to take your shoes off. I got awestruck after entering the main area, there was a huge stone idol of Bhagwan Shiva, situated at the top of the dham. It was an amazingly beautiful gigantic Idol, I have ever seen on a hill. There were numerous temples of various Indian god and goddess, Rameswaram temple, Jagannath Temple, Dwarka Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple are some of the major temples of this entire area. The main Shiv temple under that gigantic Shiva idol was a true adobe of Great Shiva. The place was so cool and enriched with engraves of historical stories from the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It took almost one and half hour for us to do a complete visit to the area.

Gigantic Shiva idol

Until then, the weather was pretty good, but when we started our journey towards our last sightseeing for the day which was Buddha park, it started raining there. When the rain starts in the hills, it becomes so powerful and heavy. We were waiting outside of the Buddha park in our car. Gradually the clouds started to fed and we could see the huge statue of Gautam Buddha. It was such a spectacular sight to behold. The rain was still there, but we avoided that and made up our mind to enter the park. There were huge staircases and I forgot now the exact count of it. My mom was also with us, I was frightened whether she could climb the stairs or not, but the pure and cool breeze heals all tiredness and we visited the entire park and snapped some really beautiful pictures.


Then we came to our resort at evening and discussed the fun-filled day with our evening snack. We were super tired, so, we ate our dinner and went for a tight sleep. At midnight my husband surprised me with a swiss roll cake(He got nothing else) and with a candle on it!!!! It was my birthday and I was super delighted. Next day was planned as a relaxing day and we roam the adjacent areas of the resort. There was a small church on opposite side of our resort and that was Sunday too, we could hear the prayers from our room. There was a deep down staircase beside the resort, we went there and saw some beautiful butterflies and snapped them too. A kind of white flower with the yellow center was everywhere in that area, I clicked several pictures with those. The afternoon was a super surprise for me, my husband arranged a beautiful lunch table in the Terrance and decorated the cake with flowers and utmost love. I was ordered to get especially ready, the weather was really amazing that time, it was just like the preview of heavy rain. I cut the cake and had a lovely lunch with my family. I was really feeling blessed that time, in the meantime, we got an invitation from the resort authority for the evening, which was specially arranged to celebrate my birthday, it was really overwhelming. They have made an arrangement for yummy momo party for us, we all love momo and it was really surprise for us. With music, yummy food and chit chats, my birthday evening spent like a dream. That night was our last night there and we want to enjoy every simple moment with grace. Rain started heavily that night, we packed our bags and take a good night sleep.

Clouds end retreat and cafe, ravangla

Next morning at around 10 am our booked cab came to our resort at Ravangla, it was time to bid a heavy goodbye to this amazing place. Only 3 days can make people so close to our hearts, this trip is a perfect example of this.

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