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Do nervousness grabs you when you are going to do a public speaking or interact with new people? Don’t worry, you are not alone here. We all have faced or going to face this kind of phase in our lives. If you are looking for a way out from this kind of situations, you don’t have to go through any tough medical procedures, the power is lying in your mind only. As per latest studies, 85 percent of people suffer from this kind of “self-esteem deficiency”. Practicing some enriching daily life habits can cure this kind of low self-confidence issues from its root. Forget all your negative sides and embrace the positivity of life.


Head to something fresh:

Trying something new is considered as a very healthy way to evolve your self-confidence level. You have to choose something that will give you fear of failure. If you take up this challenge, you will feel a boost of confidence in a very short time period. The idea can be anything but innovative.

If you are a person who feels nervous to meet and talk with strangers, you can plan a meet up with an unknown group of people. You can discuss each other’s likings, shortcomings, fears and other important entities. After the session, you will surely be going to feel charged up with positivity and self-confidence. This kind of initiatives will help you to be more outgoing and give your work life an energetic start.

Start working out:

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand, if you want to have a positive mind then a regular fitness program is all you need. You can go for intense workout routines or can do casual free hand exercises. When you start to look good and feel strong, your self-confidence level will automatically rise beyond your imagination. Any time of physical work out releases a hormone named beta-endorphins, which will help you to feel good from inside, basically it will low down your cholesterol level and help you to boost up.

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Take an everyday dose of positive affirmations:

Positive thinking from inside will lead you to a positive life. Don’t take this point lightly, it is not about the spiritual TV shows only, you can find it in books, famous quotes or in various articles also. When you think something very positive, it will give your brain a signal to release positive hormones to your body and thus you start to feel more optimistic about who you are and what you do.

Be your own competitor and embrace every failure you have in your life. For the first time you may feel some discomforts, but over time it will become your best comfort. From your starting days of life, you have taken a lot of courage to be stronger, so, always try to recall them when you feel totally down from inside.

Your network should be filled up with positive minds:

This point is personally my most favorite part of thinking on this whole matter. Keep it in your mind, that there are a lot more people exist in your circle who pretend to be your near and dear ones, but actually, they keep on backbiting and criticizing about you. Encounter them properly and keep them aside in your life. Finding the actual negativities are also very important, before fighting with those negativities. Be with people who recognize and appreciate you and be with you in your good as well as bad times. If you start to make your circle positive, you will feel automatically relaxed and confident.

Start visualizing you after 10 years:

Visualising yourself in your dream future will motivate you from your core. It is very difficult to forget negative memories, but it is all true that if there is nothing good in the past, you should forget that. As per experts visualizing exercise will help you to overcome your fears and your negative mindset. You can imagine yourself in the way you want to and thus you can take up any type of hard work to make that visualization a reality.


So, be confident and be proud, but always avoid overconfidence!!!!!

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