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When it is about summer, we have to take care an extra more of our body. Summer is all about holidays, but other than a beautiful floral dress, cool shades and exotic travel destinations, you have to face a lot more irritative skin conditions and makeup fails. Most of the time we forget to discuss these topics and when the actual time of suffering come, we found some expert help. In this discussion, I am going to discuss top 8 popular and useful summer beauty hacks.

control frizz and baby hair with a toothbrush:
During humid summer, managing hair is a very big task. Scalp sweats a lot and it comes up with some various types of problems with it, excessive scalp sweats make hairs very frizzy and rough too. But if you are on a holiday and messy buns are your best friend now, the annoying baby hairs of forehead area becomes untamed and irritates you. You can easily avoid this situation with a simple toothbrush, just spray some amount of hairspray on the toothbrush and run it over your hairlines gently. In no time you can feel the difference. one of the coolest summer beauty hacks right !!?

Potato pedicure:
Summer comes up with some excessive tanning problems, especially during holidays. But with the help of this outstanding yet easy hack, you can easily remove your feet tan in no time. Just cut a potato from the middle portion and dab it in sea salt, then rub your affected areas with it properly from the middle portion to the sides. The process will exfoliate your feet properly and give an instant glow. This summer beauty hack may sound strange, but it works really great.

Keep a baby powder handy:
Baby powders are truly gentle and can be used anytime. The refreshing fragrance of baby powder can boost up your mood in a second. But most popular and effective use of baby powder is, it can be used as a dry shampoo. When your scalp started giving you irritation, just take some baby powder and with your makeup brush put it on your scalp and see the magic. It dries out excess oils and sweat of scalp and gives you instant relief from irritation. During holidays, it is a life-saving hack.

Sweat stains:
Due to excessive sweat, many times we have to deal with stubborn sweat stains. With this hack, you can easily vanish your sweat stains. Take out the full juice of a lemon and put it in the stained area of your dress, the acidic property of lemon helps to remove the bad stains in no time. one of the life-saving summer beauty hacks isn’t it??

Replace heavy foundations with BB creams:
Keeping your makeup in place in this heat is a very challenging task to do. So, if you have to do some changes in your usual makeup routine. Instead of heavy liquid foundation use lightweight BB creams. It will give you a subtle finish and does not gives you any melting issue. In summer, always go for simple makeup routine which will give you all day freshness.

Summer beauty hacks

Keep rashes at a bay with aloe cube:
The unlimited harshness of summer comes up with some uninvited friends like rashes and redness. Aloe vera is a one-stop solution for this problem, you can use natural aloe vera gel or you can use any drugstore aloe gel. Just put aloe vera gel on an ice tray and keep it in the freezer for a night. Use when you return home from outside, rub it all over your face, neck and other affected areas. You can see the results very promptly and with regular use, the recurrence of rashes will also stop.

Use a homemade facial mist:
Facial mists are necessary for the summer time. Rather than spending on branded mists, you can easily make your own facial mist. Take an empty spray bottle, add some very refreshing mint leaves, rose petals, cucumber, and lavender in it and fill it with purified water. Refrigerate it and use anytime you want. It will calm your irritated skin immediately. one of the best summer beauty hacks, right??

Multi-Use of calamine lotion:
Calamine lotion is very useful during summertime, especially for oily and sensitive skin beauties. The soothing effects of calamine on our skin are tremendously good. You can use it on your pimples or rashes and in no time you will see the change. If you use it as a daily moisturizer, you will get a supple, smooth and matte finish look. Small injuries and insect bites can also be healed by calamine lotion.

So, stay fresh in this summer with these cool summer beauty hacks. Stay tuned!!

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