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Do you know about good bacterias? If not, then in this discussion you are going to know about in details. A human body is an appropriate example of mystery, it has thousands of chemical reactions in it and many are still unknown to us. Normally we think bacterias are the reasons behind our illness, but in our body, both types of bacterias, “good” and “bad” exist. Probiotics are live yeasts and bacterias which work as a good bacteria in our body, especially in the organs related to our digestive system. In Spite of specific regular natural sources, you can also get these probiotics as supplements.


How Probiotics actually work?

Though various researchers are working on to understand the exact work structure of probiotics in our body, some of the key work processes are as follows-

  • When during a serious illness you take high doses of antibiotics, that time your body starts to lose good bacterias. These good bacterias are very necessary to have a proper digestive system. If you can take probiotics in this phase, you can build these good bacterias again in no time. Nothing is good after a limit, so, these probiotics help you to maintain the balance between good and bad bacterias.
  • IBD(Inflammatory bowel syndrome), irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea caused by parasites these digestive related problems can be solved by probiotics.
  • Other problems such as bad skin condition like eczema, urinary health, colds allergies, and oral health can be maintained by probiotics.

If you are thinking to take probiotics through supplements, you should consult a doctor first, but natural resources can be taken into your daily diet.


Effective natural resources of Probiotics:

As per experts, a healthy adult can easily consume food with around two million gut-friendly bacterias. Some natural and homemade Indian resources and recipes are packed with these organisms. Sealed probiotic enriched products are also available in the market, but going for natural resources is always recommendable.

Good Bacteria

Sour curd:

Include a good amount of sour curd or a big glass of lassi in your meal. You can easily prepare cultured dairy product like curd by mixing proper amount of starter culture in milk. Sour curds contain numerous live active cultures which are exceptionally favorable for your internal health. It is always recommended to have the homemade version of a sour card instead of packaged products. Let your curd ferment for a full day to strengthen the probiotic culture in it. Without any use of chemical agents, it will give you the utmost goodness.


Dosa and idlis:

The most popular south Indian foods, dosa, and idlis are prepared by the fermentation process of urad dal and rice. Though the proper process of fermenting, the mixture will become an immense source of good bacterias. These foods are also very low in calories, so, these can be consumed every day.


Mostly, people like to avoid pickles because these are loaded with salt and oil. But the making process of this eminent side dish is meant to evolve probiotics in it. Various types of fruits or vegetables are mixed with salt/sugar/ Jaggery and oil and placed in open jars under the sun to go through a proper ferment for many days. Pickles from the stores contains less natural enzymes, so, always try to have homemade pickles.



It a staple food of Gujarat, it is made of gram flour, rice, and daal. Plus you have to add curd in the recipe which makes it more enriched with live good bacterias. You can have it anytime because it has very low calories, it is very tasty too.


Fermented black carrot juice:

This juice is very popular in northern India, especially in Punjab. It is made of mainly black carrots, sea salt, water and mustard seeds, it is known as “Kaanji” in the regional areas. After mixing all the ingredients, this is left for a week to develop probiotics in it. But you should drink it in moderation to avoid excessive salt intake.


So, say yes to amazing probiotics and embrace a healthy life.

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