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We all know that depression is a silent killer, it takes us to a very dark state of mind and makes us puzzled and stressed without clearing the actual reasons behind those unuttered pains. Most of the time we mix up the intensity of depression with sadness, but these two feelings may seem same in nature, the impacts are really pretty much diverse. So, encountering the actual reason behind our depression is very much necessary. When life seems complete with every achievements and entity, your closest relationships can silently push you to a depressed situation. When there is no one to hurt your soul, the limitations, ego, ignorance of your relationship can give you depression. Here you will get to know about some very prominent signs that you are depressed because of your relationship.


When the relationship becomes a burden:

If your relationship is giving you a heavy mind and you are feeling a pressure to move on, it means there is something very wrong in between you and your partner. A healthy and beautiful relationship is all about relieving stress and spreading laughter, but when due to some reason a relationship become bitter, you should take immediate action before it’s too late. A heavy heart cannot give you a better life anyway, so, find out the flaws and work on it.


Your initiative towards fixing your relationship fails due to lack of energy:

Maybe you truly want to work on your relationship for its betterment, but your depressed mind is not allowing you to do it. When you got hurt by your loved one for any reason, the outcome of those will reflect as negligence, and with time it will low down your mental energy too. You have to face the truth and set your priority first. Healing your relationship can give you the power to fight your depression.


If you can’t even remember the good times you people spent together:

A healthy bond with your partner will give you an adequate amount of joy and laughter, and surely if you have this in your life there is no reason to have a doubt over your relationship. But if you are in a state where you are unable to find out the cherishing elements in your bond, then this can definitely be a reason behind your depressed mind. Many couples ignore this serious issue and blame the hectic schedules of their lives, but the truth is, if you really want to create those charms, a small text message is enough to do the magic.

It gives you worry when you think about your future with your partner:

If your relationship is giving you the heavy heart, you feel clueless about your life with your partner. The tough structure of the future will frighten you and it will evolve as a rooted depression in you. So, handle situation earlier and try to sort out the issues together, before hurting your soul. In this kind of circumstances, keep your ego aside and discuss the flaws with each other.  


You are searching other people to discuss your own relationship:

Your emotional breakdown will initiate you to discuss your personal issues with outsider people. This kind of attitude clearly justifies that you are not even comfortable to discuss the shortcomings of your relationship with your partner.


Relationships are not perfect, but you have to take initiatives to make it perfect. As long as you love your partner, try to sort out things promptly, otherwise, you can not even imagine how the heaviness of your mind turns into depression and destroy the bond of two souls. But bonds are not real or trustworthy every time, so, in that case, move on with your values is the best options. Keep no regrets in your mind, because you know you have given your hundred percent. Fall in love and spread love!!!!!!

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    1. thanks, Shantini for reading this, here I have discussed the signs of depression caused by relationship, I will definitely come up with a detailed article about how we can fill our relationships with positivity. stay tuned.. 🙂

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