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A nutritious start of a day is very necessary to boost up your energy level and keeping it stable for all day long. But in our super busy lifestyle, we are getting really very less time to have a proper breakfast. As per experts, having a nutritious breakfast is a must to get a fit body and happy mind. People who live outside their home for work or another purpose face tremendous problem on this issue, and it is seen that most of the time they skip breakfast or eat unhealthy stuff from random places. So, here I have come up with some very easy breakfast recipes which will fill you up with nutrition and happiness.


Oats pancake:

We all know oats is known as a huge source of fiber which plays a very important role in our digestive system. These particular breakfast recipes will take only 10 mins to make, but its nutrition value and taste will throw a challenge to various heavy dishes.

  • Heat a pan and roast adequate amount of oats and then grind it properly till it becomes dust. Place it in a mixing bowl.
  • Add some chopped onion, spinach, green chilies (If you like), salt and black paper in it.
  • Add the proper amount of water in it and make a thick yet smooth batter with it.
  • In a preheated pan add a very little amount of oil and shallow fry it.
  • Eat it with a bowl of a sour card.


Vermicelli Upma:

    • Vermicelli is a traditional form of Pasta, it can be cooked in various ways. In Indian delicacy Upma is known as a proper breakfast item, it takes very less time to prepare.
    • Roast needed amount of Vermicelli with a dash of oil in a pan. When it becomes slightly golden in color, keep it separate in a plate.
    • Add little amount of oil and add ½ teaspoon of mustard seeds, salt, turmeric powder, little amount of sugar, chopped onions, chopped green chilies and if you want you can also add other veggies like carrot, beans etc. cook it for 4-5 minutes and add the roasted vermicelli in it.
    • Add little amount of water and check whether it is cooked or not.
    • Serve hot and you are good to go.



Super healthy oats and fruits cup:

Like the goodness of Oats, Fruits are also a very important source of Vitamins and necessary nutrients. So, if you can add up these two in your breakfast recipes it will give you a very fresh and energetic start for your hectic day. You have to prepare it at night and refrigerate it to have in the morning. Seasonal fruits are the best choice to add to this.

    • Take a big mug and add a handful of roasted oats in it.
    • Later it up with a proper amount of sour curd and top it with a very small amount of salt and honey.
    • At last add your favorite chopped fruits and nuts, like apple, grape, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, and walnuts. You can add some more honey if you like.
    • Cover up the mug and refrigerate it for a full night.
    • At morning enjoy your ready-made, nutritious breakfast. Super yummy!!!



Baked Omelet with spinach:

Omelets are all time favorites and one of the most popular breakfast recipes around the world. The nutritional values of eggs are very rich. You can gather a proper amount of protein intake from this which keeps you going. And when it comes to baked omelet the health benefits becomes many times higher than fried one. The making process is super easy and very less time-consuming.

  • Take a microwave friendly mug and grease it with a drop of oil(as per your preference).
  • Then add one egg, if you have high cholesterol, you should avoid the egg yolk. Then add chopped onion, spinach, and capsicum in it. Add salt as per your taste and black pepper powder and give it a nice mix.
  • Then microwave the mix for 3-4 minutes and enjoy a super yummy yet super easy breakfast.


If you want a fit personality, stop skipping your breakfast and add some nutritious breakfast in your daily routine. Take some small initiatives to lead a better lifestyle.

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