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In this new aged contemporary society, the most debated topic is the proceedings of women empowerment throughout the ages. It is seen that in the ancient ages of India, women were treated as a symbol of power and their structure is considered as eternal beauty with a bold sense of appareling. The structures of Ajanta Elora, Konark temple, and many more sculptures were sculpted to define the power of Indian women with the essence of boldness. But with the improvement of society the rigidness towards women become stricter and impulsive, women have to face affront and supremacy is in every aspect of their life. It is clear that in ancient age people are more liberate towards the receptiveness of the women.

An aspect from ancient age:


In ancient age the appareling of women were very attractive, they used to wear strapless tops with lightly textured veils, beautiful skirts and various other expressive clothing, that time they did not wear clothes only to cover their body but they tried to convey their confidence and intensity through that. Women structure is eternally appealing so, that time the society used to appreciate that and for that reason women were liberated. Dress up cannot define the character of a woman, it can express the inner beauty with individual choices.

Persuasion of Modern age society:

In this, so-called modern society women are prevailed. Their personal appareling choice can create a problem for them. But it is really unbelievable, modern society totally overlooked the concept of the ancient age where the body structure of women is defined as beauty and creativity of God. Western outfits are always criticized, but if skin showing is the main issue, then in Indian ethnic wear, there are lots of skin showing parts.

So, being a woman you should wear clothes that can enhance the outer beauty as well as the inner beauty of you. Your habilitating should be versatile and that should express your personality and confidence. The Indo-western style is the high-end fashion of today, where you can get the ethnic appeal with a touch of attraction. Long gown style dresses can heighten your self-confidence with its elegance and boldness. Other fusion wears also can boost your self-esteem with its smartness and decency. With proper appareling, you can find your identity and that time your confidence can change the view of the society towards women empowerment. It is not just an agenda, it is a question mark for the existence of women.

Fashion incorporated with your personality


Fashion is a very versatile term according to me, it never has a static definition, every second person has the different perspective on fashion. A trend is a changeable entity, you can not go with trends always. Not everything in fashion will go hand in hand with your own styling sense, so, first of all, you have to understand your criteria and your sense of dressing. If you carry your style with super ease and confidence that is all about your own fashion sense. Now the fashion trends are redefined for everyone, from super fit to curvy everybody can get a look like a fashionista in a blink. so, ladies take your own step and wear what you feel like to, judgments are always there, but you have to decide what you want to do exactly.


From my perspective as an individual, society should understand properly about the contradiction in between the history and present day. As responsible citizens of a diverse country, we should take initiatives to end up the contradictory thought process and spread a logical opinion on this matter. Dress up cannot judge anybody in any way, the judgemental mindset can be changed.

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  1. Appreciably portrayed to spread diversified and wide thoughts on this intricate and sensitive subject. We need to condemn the distorted mindset of characterising women by their appareling.

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