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Everyone is dreaming about a beautiful and flawless skin texture, but the nasty pollution and tiring stress are continuously making our skin extremely dull and old looking. In our super busy life schedule, we are not even getting proper time to complete our sleep, and it is tending us to a very problematic state in terms of the body as well as the mind. Everyone should follow a proper skin care routine every day, a continuous and repetitive process will help you to maintain your skin health. Since our facial skin is way too tender and soft than our body skin, we have to pamper our skin more. You can take care of your skin in a much more better way when you know your skin properly. So, you should have a proper idea about your skin type first. With some simple and steps, you can discover the actual skin type of yours. Mainly there are four types of skin types, oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. There are many people who as a combination type of skin, means they have oily texture in their T-zone area and rest of the areas are dry. So, you have to choose your perfect skin care routine to get a glass like skin in one week. So, here I am going to discuss skin care tips according to every skin type separately, it will help you to find your ideal choice. Stay with me and find the easiest and time-saving techniques to get a super glowy glass look skin.


Glass look skin care routine for Oily skin:


Oily skin beauties have to face lot more extra problems, first of all, the extra sebum secretion from the pores attracts the unnecessary pollutants and dust which create severe acne, blackheads, and pimples on the face. So, I have some amazing skin care tips for you people which you have to follow for one week to get a visible glass look skin. Proper skin care processes are very necessary for every skin types. But for oily skin tone, you have to be very picky about the products and procedures.

In the morning Cleanse your face with some gentle yet astringent infused face wash. I personally like Lotus tea tree and cinnamon face wash, it controls the extra oil secretion and gives you a matte finish look for a long time without drying it out. After proper cleaning session you have to exfoliate your skin with some good scrubber, but always remember that don’t scrub over your acne or a pimple harshly, it can create more problems. I personally use Himalaya Neem Scrub and it gives me quite a good result. Other than you can make your own scrubber, just mix dusted sugar, coffee powder, and honey, make a thick paste of it and apply all over your face, especially on the T-zone area. Rub it properly with upward strokes and wash it off with some lukewarm water. After that, you have to apply a suitable facemask of your choice. In an affordable range, Khadi has some awesome range of clay masks and you can easily go with the brand without thinking anything else because khadi products do not contain any type of paraben or chemicals in their products. place your face mask for almost 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water and pat dry your face with a towel. Apply a good amount of oil-free moisturizer, you can use aloe vera gel also and let your skin absorb it properly. You can follow this skin care routine in the morning or in the evening as per your convenience. Follow this continuously for one week and on the 8th day, you will going to see a new you with glass-like glowing skin. Always remember the choice of products may vary, you can also use entirely homemade products if you want.


Glass look skin care Routine for Dry skin:

At a glance, it seems having dry skin type may give you fewer problems, but in reality, dry skin beauties also face some very drastic and intense skin issues. If you are not taking good care of your dry skin, it may give you freckles, wrinkles and dull skin in results. So, here you will get to know about some very common but very important skin care tips those will help you to get a super smooth and super glowing glass look skin in no time. cleansing is the most basic part of your skincare routine, use a cleaner which is consists of essential oils or rich fruit extracts in it. You can also go for a rich cleansing milk from a good brand. After proper cleansing it is time for scrubbing your face properly, you can go for apricot scrubs which will give you a super smooth skin and help you to get rid of dry skin can make your own scrub at home with some almonds, oats, and honey also. Then apply a face mask, dry skin beauties have to be very choosy when it is about face packs, choose a mask with lots of cream and oils in it. It will help your skin to gulp the essential moisturizing particles and make your skin radiant like anything. Keep your mask for around 20-30 minutes and then cleanse it with cold water. Pat dry your face and apply a thick layer of moisturizer all over your face and neck.

Let the moisturizer nourish your skin overnight and after eight days see the result of this continuous skin care process. Brands like Biotique, Khadi, Himalaya and many more have a huge range for dry skin beauties. I always prefer herbal and economical products, you can try out for other high-end brands also.


Glass look skin care routine for normal skin:

Normal skin beauties have beautiful radiant skin by born, but lack of proper care can make any good skin type bad or dull. So, if you are a normal skin beauty, some very nominal skin care process can give you a very radiant, glass look skin texture. Since cleansing is the basic of every skin care routine, you have to do it every single day without any miss. Cleanse your face with a good cleanser which suits you well, I will suggest to go with herbal products but you can definitely try out other brands too. After cleaning scrub your face with some gentle scrubber, normal skin has its own ph balance, so, you should avoid harsh scrubbing can go with basan and honey mixture to get a superb glow.  When you choose your mask, you should verify that it should not dry out your skin. So, always go for gentle and essential oils infused face packs, homemade fruit face packs can also do wonders for you. Wait till the face pack dries out and wash it off with cold water. Follow up with proper moisturizer and leave it for the full night. Always avoid products which have harsh chemicals in it.

Glass look skin care routine for sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin is very much allergic in nature, people with this skin types suffer from a lot of issues like redness, pimples, rashes, and inflammation. If you have this kind of skin type, then you have to be very much careful before choosing proper skin care routine. Always choose your products which have a calming effect on the skin. Ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera have very soothing effects in them. So, try to choose your products those are infused with these blessings of nature. Cleanse your face with gentle face washes which have tea tree oil in it, and then gently scrub your face with sugar and honey mix. Do not scrub your face daily, it may cause rash and inflammation. After proper scrubbing you can apply some very lightweight face mask which has mint and basil extracts in it, you will surely get a soothing feel in your face. When the mask dries out, you should clean it with cold water gently without any harsh scrub technique. Apply an oil-free serum or moisturizer and leave it as it is. See the difference after one week. Instead of dull and lifeless skin, you will get a superradiant glass look skin.   


Glass look skin care routine for combination skin:

If you are a person with combination type of skin, then you have to use products which are appropriate for all skin types, or else you can use different products for the dry and oily area of your skin. Cleanse your face with face wash which has fruit extracts in it, cleanse the T-zone area properly to get rid of the excess oil. Scrub your oily zone with neem scrub and use apricot scrub for the rest of the face. You can make a homemade scrub with honey, almond and mint leaves, this works amazingly to remove dead cells.  Then you use face pack with some trick, apply neem and Multani mitti face pack in the T-zone area and in the rest of the face you can apply milk based or natural oil based face packs after washing it off use a lightweight moisturizer and leave it as it is. Check the difference after one week, it will surely give you a glass look skin. 


After all, every type of skin needs proper hydration. So, drink plenty of water throughout the day to get radiant skin within. Fresh vegetables and fruits can do miracles to your skin, so, always add a good amount of greens to your plate. Stay healthy to stay beautiful for the lifetime.

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