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It was our honeymoon!! Indeed I was thrilled and super excited. We both love hills and hills always attracts us with its spellbinding mystery. The northeast range of India has some hidden gems in it with lot more to offer to the nature lovers. The unexplored and resourceful nature of this place will astonish you in every single step. The people are truly welcoming and polite, their warm hospitality has enriched our minds. We spend 5 days there and those days were deeply engraved in our souls. We had started our journey from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong. So, stay tuned and explore the land of clouds with me. Travelling is like oxygen for me, I always prefer to take an energetic break after every three to four months. For me, it is not always going to some fancy places but to some offbeat destinations where I can feel the beat of nature in every single step. Serenity always attracts me over hassles of big cities, so, I prefer to go to the silent places where I can feel my own heartbeat and forget every single worry. This Shillong and Cherapunji tour is one of our most special trips and it is full of love, adventure and we time. North Eastern states of India always attract me, the pure nature and soulful people are the reasons behind this love.   


Now let’s start the thrilling journey tale of us. We had planned Shillong and Cherapunji tour for a long time period as we didn’t want to lack anything associated with this trip. But as you know traveling without any hazards can never be possible!!! literally!!

We had our flight from Kolkata to Shillong, which was booked from months ago, but on the date of the journey, we got to know that the flight was canceled due to bad weather condition, may be due to foggy weather in Shillong. But Air India had provided us flight to nearest airport Guwahati and cab facility till Shillong, but that first day of our Shillong and Cherapunji tour was really wasted in every way. Normally Guwahati to Shillong by cab takes 2-3 hours but in our case, it was 6 hours!!! Can you imagine?? There was a deadly accident took place on the road and all vehicles were stuck in the road. We reached our hotel at midnight and it was freezing cold out there. The name of the hotel was Majestic hotel, it was a really nice hotel and they have all superior amenities and we were so much tired, so, we ate our dinner and take a nice and tight sleep. On the next day, we headed towards Cherrapunji. We had booked our cab earlier when we were planning our trip. Actually, when I had planned the trip during my research I had gone through some very helpful posts and from where I got Sujit’s (our cab driver) phone number. He was such a gentleman and his driving skill also tremendously good. The way of the journey was extremely beautiful, lush green Khasi hills, high waterfalls, and incomparable serenity had filled our heart with utmost joy and thrill. We take some halts to enjoy the magnificent natural view. The depth of the green valleys are so majestic, seems the god of nature has sculpted it with his own hands.


We covered some sight scenes that day before heading to our homestay in Cherrapunji, it was actually our first-day adventure of our Shillong and Cherapunji tour. We went to Ramakrishna math Meghalaya, Mawsmai cave, viewpoints, Nohkalikai falls, eco park and seven sisters fall viewpoint that day and reached our final destination, La Kupar Inn. The manager of the homestay had given us a warm welcome when we reached there, the people are really very much humble and gave us a home-like feel. The surrounding area of the homestay was very very nice and it has its own lawn area where they arrange bonfire at night time. After taking some rests we joined the bonfire and it was such an amazing experience to describe. The serenity of the place was really divine, pin drop silence was everywhere. We enjoyed some soothing romantic songs with a cup of coffee and the texture of the music became much more intense there and it was really giving me goosebumps. The cold was shivering that time and we had to place our orders for dinner in the evening only because the nearest market from this place was very far and nobody will not get anything handy nearby. Next day early morning we roam around the area near our homestay and enjoy the calmness around the place. The calm and cold weather was so refreshing and enjoyable. That day we had visited some offbeat places of Cherrapunji, Umikar root bridge, jungle resort and Lafarz viewpoint. At night the owner of the homestay arranged bonfire for us again, that night was the last night for us there, so, we wanted to enjoy every beat of that amazing place.


Next day of our Shillong and Cherapunji tour, we checked out from our homestay and headed towards the most waited sightseeings.  First of all, we went to the Dawki River which is famous for its crystal clear water. The water was really like a mirror, where we could see our own reflections. Our boat ride was quite amazing and for me, it was a lifetime experience. We went to the origin of the river and then back to the starting place. The river is in between the Khasi hills and Jayanti hills, and the most exciting point is the extended part of the river is in Bangladesh and here the border is man-made, you will able to see our border security force and Bangladesh border guards at the same place. After enjoying the splendid boat ride we went to the nearest Bangladesh border. We saw people from both countries taking pictures with each other and spreading the love. After that, we headed towards the acclaimed living root bridge of Mawlynnong. Amazing creations of nature has always astonished us, and this creation is definitely one of them. Deep down in the hills, the look of the bridge is breathtaking. Then we went to visit Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong, the village is really super clean and the people are very organized. But actually it was not looking like a village at all, it was packed up with travelers. We back to Shillong that night at our resort near Umiam lake. The name of the resort is Orchid lake resort and the resort was itself an attractive place to visit. Though we wear very tired that day, the beauty of the resort took us in its grab. The room was very much well decorated and very cozy. We take a very tight sleep that night and it was shivering cold out there.


Next day, which was the last day of our Journey was dedicated to the local sightseeing of Shillong. At first in the morning we roamed around the beautiful resort. It was just in front of the Umiam lake and has a very huge area. When the soft sunlight was playing through the huge Devdarus and touches you with its mischiefs, it was perfect time to take some mind blowing snaps. We didn’t miss that chance and take some mesmerizing pictures there. Then we had our jumbo breakfast in the resort and started our journey from Elephanta falls and explore the eminent beauty of it. Then we headed towards the high altitude Shillong viewpoint from where you can explore the entire will also get a chance to see the bird’s eye view through a binocular. Then we went to Mary Help of Christians Cathedral, Lady Hydari park and the famous golf course of Shillong. You can feel the British influence in this city very prominently. Then we went to the police bazaar, this place is the main shopping destination of Shillong. You will get special articles, latest fashion trends and many handcrafts pieces here. So, if you are shopping freak like me, then this place is appropriate for you. We returned to our resort at evening and enjoyed a beautiful candlelight dinner. It was really an amazing time, we had spent there. Both of us were little down at night because we were at the end of this ethereal Shillong and Cherapunji tour. Our return flight from Shillong was also canceled, so, again we had to come to Guwahati airport for the flight. our pick up cab by Air India had come to our resort and dropped at Guwahati Airport. The Shillong and Cherapunji tour was really tremendous and cherishable for the lifetime. Stay tuned and feel the excitement of our journey with us.

Nearest Railway stationGuwahati Railway station.

Nearest airport: Shillong Airport(Only Air India operates) and Guwahati airport.


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  1. Wow !! very nice blog i have came across..
    Thank Tulika for sharing your experience with us. Have you ever been to Arunachal before? I’m going to visit Arunachal this summer and now I’m looking forward to knowing about your experience of traveling to Arunachal.

  2. Thanks Tulika for sharing your experience with us. Have you ever been to Arunachal before? I’m going to visit Arunachal next summer and now I’m looking forward to knowing about your experience of traveling to Arunachal.

  3. It’s beautiful…. Shillong had changed my destiny…. I’m in love with this place and thanks to you for reminding me and Sandip to make another plan to revisit it….

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